Hi, I'm Mike!

I’m a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies from Johannesburg, South Africa, where I work in the R&D team at a company called BBD. I am a co-organiser of the Jozi.JS meetup group, and a frequent technical speaker. I have been hacking on the web since Geocities was a 'thing', and have the keening wail of dialup modem etched into my subconscious.

While I am fluent in several ‘golden hammer’ programming languages, I have a long-lived love affair with JavaScript, and cannot see its (many, obvious) flaws. I have worked on lots of interesting enterprise applications, but it is the challenges of the public web that really appeal to me - having spent my formative years building transactional websites.

I am always eager to talk about the web platform, but be warned, I am prone to hyperbole.

twitter // @mikegeyser
github // mikegeyser